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"Blühende Öde" is a commentary on the exploration of urban space and its transformation in Berlin. Facilitated within the framework of Draussenstadt Berlin, the project reflects on the existing and pandemic scale of vacancy and interrogates the effects, but above all the potentials, of this dynamic. The three-day exhibition taking place in the context of this project will be on view in the public space of Neukölln, on five building exteriors in Donaustrasse, Weichselstrasse and Tellstrasse. As a temporary intervention, the exhibition appropriates said empty spaces and thus creates an alternative map of unused possibilities. Video works and object-based installations by the Krakow-based artist Ewa Wesolowska will be shown. Connected by the element of water, the same works will be seen repeatedly in the different locations, reacting to the respective architectural surface and frame, the surroundings and the environment.


öffentlicher Raum in der Weichsel-, & Donaustraße
Weichselstraße 66
12043 Berlin

The exhibition takes place in public space.

öffentlicher Raum in der Weichsel-, & Donaustraße



Free admission

Event Organiser

Kunstbüro Hohmann und Heid

Partners and supporting institutions

Call for Action, Draussenstadt


  • Equipment for visually impaired people
  • Equipment for blind people
  • Equipment for people with hearing impairments
  • Equipment for deaf people
  • Equipment for people with learning difficulties
  • Wheelchair accessibility